Monday, November 29, 2010

Making Cranes

After reading the book "Sadako and the Paper Cranes" we discovered that origami is not as easy as it looks. After many attempts, we did make some very nice cranes, but we will not try to make 1000 of them!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Sun Life Financial Museum and Arts Pass program

There are many good reasons to visit a Toronto Public Library, and now there is another one! Did you know that you can get free passes to local museums and art galleries and similar venues? The Sun Life Financial Museum and Arts Pass program is working to broaden access to Toronto's many cultural venues by giving Toronto families one-time-use free passes to these venues.

For more information please visit

Monday, November 22, 2010

Junior Room Science Experiment

In science the Junior Room is learning about plants. In this experiment we observed that the white carnations turned colours after spending some time in water with food dye. The same thing happened with celery, so we cut up the stems and then looked very carefully at what we saw inside. It was amazing to see how the Lord has provided the plant with everything it needs to survive.

Sharing the Lord's Love Around the World

Playschool has been learning about ourselves, our families and cultures around the world. As a school we participated in Operation Christmas Child, a Christian outreach organization that reaches out to needy children of all faiths around the world.

Playschool collected enough items to fill 10 boxes for 6 boys and 4 girls!

Deborah filling her car with 31 ONCS boxes. Little school with a BIG heart!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Author Jean Miso Comes for a Surprise Visit!

On Tuesday, November 16, Jean Miso, author of "We'll Never Forget", visited Olivet New Church School. She graciously read portions of her book and sang the accompanying song. We are tremendously honoured that Ms. Miso surprised us with her visit and then spent time with us helping to make the book come alive.

"We'll Never Forget" is a wonderful book written to honour those who have served Canada both in war and in peacekeeping missions. It is suitable for all ages, as there are two stories running side by side; one is a lovely picture book illustrated beautifully by Asher Sadeh, and the other is a series of mini biographies of a variety of men and women who have served Canada in the military. The artwork is enchanting and the photographs accompanying the biographies work to bring the stories alive. The fact that the book comes with its own CD only adds to the multidimensional qualities of this very special book. For our Facebook friends; "you will "like" this book!!"

A short video of Jean Miso, musician, music composer and author, demonstrating the hand signals that go with the chorus in the song "We'll Never Forget" featured in her book of the same name.

If you are interested in learning more about Jean Miso or purchasing your own copy of "We'll Never Forget," please visit her website at

Monday, November 15, 2010

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

The Royal Winter Fair offers SO many learning opportunities. Kaylin and Jasmine enjoyed tasting different foods and drinks; seeing animals, demonstrations and products from around the country; touching animals, leather, feathers and fur; smelling animals and food; and hearing the sounds of people and animals at a country fair, ~including hearing bugs munching on potato plant leaves!!

Remembrance Day

The Junior Room students attended the Remembrance Day service held at the cenotaph at Etobicoke's Civic Centre.

On November 11, we went to Etobicoke Civic Centre to be part of the Remembrance Day service there. We saw many older men in uniform, some in wheelchairs, proudly wearing medals on their chest. The ceremony was long in spots and there were some long speeches, but we saw the wreaths being dedicated and then being laid under the Cenotaph. The girls were extremely well behaved and learned something about the importance of honouring those who fought for us.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Getting Cold

The first ice of the year was like a small glass windowpane, November 1.

Blackcreek Pioneer Village

On Tuesday, November 2 we went to Blackcreek Pioneer Village. In this photo Kaylin and Jasmine at in front of an old wagon which travelled in country so the owner could sell something he called medicine.

We loved watching the tinsmith make a beautiful lantern. Mrs. Pulpan bought one to give as a Christmas gift!

Kaylin and Jasmine used carders and learned how wool was processed.

A woman dressed as a pioneer showed the different kinds of eggs from different fowl.

Would you want to use the oldest outhouse in the country? We decided we would NOT.

The girls hiding behind a split rail fence.

At the print shop the printer explained where the terms "upper and lower case letters" came from. The letters were kept in these cases. You guessed it. The upper case held capital letters and the lower case held the small letters.

It was a beautiful sunny day and just for fun Kaylin and Jasmine posed with a scarecrow.

Painting Pumpkins for Halloween

Monday, November 1, 2010

Making a Jack 'O Lantern

Carving our pumpkin into a Jack 'O Lantern!!