Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The French Show

Last Friday, the grade one through six students starred in the French Show. Each class performed a play that was followed by a song and dance number.
The night was started by all the students singing the “Bonjour” song, which is a song the grade one through four students sing to begin each French class. The Kindergarteners in the audience were also welcome to join in and sing the welcome song.
The first performers were the Primary class. They performed a puppet show about a cat who was looking for a home. After the puppet show they took a bow and then danced and sang about the cat who had found his home.
Next the Junior Room students took the stage and performed a skit about a girl named Marie from Quebec who was trying to visit her friend Pierre in France and all her adventures along the way.  
Finally the grade five and six class performed their welcome rap and the play Louis la Grenouille. It is about a frog who loves rock music and is lonely, one day he comes across a magic lamp and rubs it. A genie appears and tells Louis to look in the woods for a friend. Louis meets several potential friends but they did not appreciate his love of rock music. Finally Louis finds a girl grenouille (frog) who also loves rock music and they live happily ever after.
 The students sang their goodbye song and all enjoyed refreshments after the show.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Olivet School celebrated Earth Day yesterday!
The students collected litter around the school and in the hydro field. The Kindergarteners were partnered up. One student was in charge of collecting recyclable items and the other collecting non-recyclable items.
The kindergarten students made models of the planet Earth.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today cellist William Findlay of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra came and performed two concerts. The first was for the younger students and was enjoyed by the Playschool, Kindergarten, and Primary Class. He demonstrated to the students how he could play a song two different ways a happy way (in a major key) and in a sad way (in a minor key) William Findlay played a few children’s songs and had the students guess which one he was playing. Finally, he told the students a story and used his cello. He used different music to depict different characters in the story. The students had to tell him what animal or character he was playing at different parts and what the characters were feeling based on the music. One of the favourite animals he played was the cheeky squirrel.
The next performance was for the older students and any staff or parents who wanted to watch as well. For the older students he talked about the cello and about the composition of the bow. I was very impressed to see every students’ hand shoot up when he asked what the bow was made of. He discussed how important it is for the beat and the melody to work together. He played “O’ Canada” using different beats and showed us how it could completely change the song. He then got the students to be the “beat” of a song by clapping their hands and saying “chhh” to imitate a drum and cymbal while he played his cello beautifully. The students and faculty had many questions for him and he eagerly answered them all.
Both were great performances which I very much enjoyed!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Kindergarten Goes to the Greenhouse

The Kindergarteners went to the Centennial Greenhouse today. 
 The students enjoyed seeing the blooms.
 They drew pictures of their favourite flowers.
Their pictures are posted on the bulletin board for all to see!
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Math in the Kitchen

Math class took the Junior Room students to the kitchen. They were learning about litres by pouring water into measuring cups and different containers and millilitres by using medicine droppers and spoons.

We found out that many kitchen measuring spoons are not accurate!
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