Wednesday, November 4, 2015

YTV Films at Olivet School

Last week the students from grades 3-6 took part in on camera interviews for YTV's The Zone's "Team Zogo" November mission. Some of these interviews will even air on YTV and be posted on their website!  

The students were interviewed for YTV’s November’s mission on Zogo, which is “Bust Your Boredom”. They interviewed the students and asked them questions such as, “What do you do when you're bored, what's the most boring thing you can think of, and what's your best cure for boredom?”

It was a great experience for the children as they got to see what goes on behind the scenes of filming a piece for TV. The students were hooked up for sound, saw just how big and heavy the cameras are, and got to experience first-hand the bright lights that are used for filming. 

The filming crew were very cooperative at the Q and A sessions with the students and answered all their questions.

Parents, students and Olivet School teachers love the Olivet School community for its caring, home-like quality, very small class sizes and its rich academic program taught with a foundation in Christian values. 

If you have been looking for elementary education which combines the strength of top quality teaching with the individual attention and opportunities of a personalized learning community, then you too will love Olivet School. For more information about Olivet School, private school in Etobicoke, please visit our website.

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