Monday, January 11, 2016

Tots' Time Activities: Box Play

Toddlers love box play!

Why are you sitting in a box?
They just might be sitting inside one, or pushing it along, maybe wearing it on their head, or stacking them high and then pushing them over.

In the Tots' Time class the teacher read the book Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis, to the class. It is about a rabbit who uses his imagination to create all kinds of pretend uses for his box.

The tots used boxes in the classroom for golf ball and marble painting. They placed black paper into the box, added some paint colours, many golf balls and marbles, then closed the lid and SHOOK and TIPPED the box. The tots had fun peeking inside to see what was happening.

The class also played a game of hidden shapes, calling out each shape as each was found inside the box. After finding a shape and taking it out of the box, we either sang a song about its colour, counted them or placed them back into the puzzle where they came from.

Tots' Time at Olivet School is a special Monday morning program for children aged 16 months to 3 years and their parent, led by one of our E.C.E's. It is a valuable way for parents themselves to make social connections as their toddlers learn to follow teacher instructions, work as a group and experience educational play.

Parents, students and Olivet School teachers love the Olivet School community for its caring, home-like quality, very small class sizes and its rich academic program taught with a foundation in Christian values. If you have been looking for elementary education which combines the strength of top quality teaching with the individual attention and opportunities of a personalized learning community, then you too will love Olivet School. For more information about Olivet School, private school in Etobicoke, please visit our website.  

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